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Green iguanas are common pests in Florida and are an invasive species that can endanger the health of native Florida wildlife. Green iguana populations are currently one of the most dangerous species in Florida for the health of the natural ecosystem. If you’re dealing with a green iguana issue on your property, whether it be residential or commercial, you can call us to get rid of your problem because we make sure to handle iguana removal properly.

Wildlife control is especially important with adult green iguanas and juvenile green iguanas, as there are a variety of different ways they can cause damage to your property. Male iguanas can be aggressive towards you or your pets, and female iguanas dig holes in the yard for nesting purposes. Juveniles also eat vegetation such as garden greens, which is another reason why it’s important to remove iguanas from your property.

There is a massive negative impact invasive green iguanas can have on your property, which is why it’s important to perform pest control on invasive green iguanas that invade your space. It is important to catch iguanas and other unwanted wildlife on the Atlantic coast to curb the growing juvenile green iguana problem before it gets out of hand. Make sure to contact us for more information on our iguana removal services in Florida.

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How Iguana Control is Facing the Challenge of Iguanas in Collier County

Green iguanas in Florida are known to pose several threats to the local environment. Though the species is predominantly herbivorous, they’ve been known to eat tree snails and small bird eggs, which can threaten native populations. Also, green iguanas poop wherever they feel like, which can cause issues with sidewalks or commercial properties.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has even taken measures to curb the green iguana issue by offering rewards to companies and individuals that remove iguanas and turn them in. This shows just how much of an issue iguanas are beginning to become. With all of this said, you might be wondering how Iguana Control is facing the issue given that it is such a big problem.

Iguana Control serves all of Collier County, including Marco Island, and does so with a humane and expert approach to removing iguanas from a property. We take extra care to ensure that our methods are humane and don’t cause any unnecessary suffering to the iguanas while they are removed from your property. Even though they are pests, they still deserve to be treated humanely.

Iguana Control’s Expert Approach to Iguana Removal

Iguana Control uses three different methods to remove and deter iguanas from your property. These methods are best used by professionals who have an understanding of how to best make use of the products and skills that we employ to ensure that the situation is handled properly and reduce any potential inhumane treatment of the iguanas. We make use of trapping, capturing with a catch pole, and nest removal to remove iguanas and deter them from returning.

The first two methods go hand in hand with one another. Iguana Control makes use of baited traps that humanely capture the iguanas to make them easy to remove and dispose of. Our other method is using a catch pole, which needs to be used exclusively by professionals. Once the catch pole is tightened around the iguana’s neck, the iguana instantly squirms and is placed into a catch bag or other holding container to be humanely disposed of.

Finally, Iguana Control also makes use of nest removal as a way of preventing further populations of iguanas and deterring them from returning to the property at a later date. Iguanas in southwest Florida typically mate in underground nests where the females keep their eggs, and these nests can cause damage to property and sidewalks. Removal of these nests helps maintain the local environment and keep iguanas from returning.

How Iguana Control Humanely Dispatches Iguanas

Iguana Control is committed to making sure that the entire process of dispatching iguanas from your property is done in a humane manner. We recognize that pest control, especially for animals as large as iguanas, can cause concern. However, we make sure that the iguanas are treated humanely and never have to encounter any unnecessary suffering through the whole process.

It is our commitment to treat these animals with respect, even if they can cause issues to the local ecosystem. That being said, our higher commitment is the preservation of our local ecosystem and as a result, we recognize that the iguana population has to be reduced significantly to preserve the ecosystem. We strive to protect our native wildlife and our native ecosystem and will do everything it takes to achieve that goal.

Contact Iguana Control for Help with Green Iguanas

By now it’s obvious that southwest Florida has a significant iguana issue. You should trust a professional to hunt green iguanas on your property so that you don’t have to hunt them yourself. Trust wildlife trapping experts who are experienced iguana trappers and will deal with killing iguanas and transporting iguana carcasses for you without you having to lift a finger.

Other pest control companies aren’t equipped to handle green iguanas like Iguana Control is. We’re trained professionals who take on the task of ridding your property of iguanas in a fast, humane, and effective manner. You can rely on us to make sure that not only will your property be rid of iguanas but that they won’t be returning anytime soon.

Visit our website for the solution to the growing green iguana problem in Florida, where invasive iguanas typically like to live. We’ll show you why we come highly recommended by Collier County animal control in the subject of iguanas. We’ll make sure that you’re satisfied with your service and that iguanas don’t return to your property.

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