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Iguana Control is a professional service organization which can reduce the existing population of Green Iguana residing on your property. We have excellent results in treating both commercial and residential properties.
Iguana Control


As Florida’s largest Iguana control company, we have the tools, wildlife experts, and on-site staff ready to control and reduce the green iguana population that is residing on your property.
We service commercial and residential areas throughout the state of Florida, and with extensive experience in capturing those pesky animals, your property will be free of invading iguanas. Our organization is fully insured, and all of our technicians are bonded and certified for the use of all necessary equipment they require to remove iguanas from the premises. If you are a homeowner or business owner who is tired of dealing with iguanas running rampant around your property, we are the perfect iguana control company that can solve your iguana problem once and for all.



Your property’s premises can be free of invading iguanas by hiring the ideal iguana control company, and this is where we take action and handle all the work for you.
At Iguana Control, we currently offer four control and prevention services that will make your property iguana-free and future proof just in case iguanas decide to come back and repopulate.
Land Surveying
Our team arrives on-site to survey your property’s premises to search for any holes in the ground that iguanas can use to lay their eggs. These burying holes are breeding grounds for iguanas and are often found near sea walls or next to bodies of water. If left unchecked, an uncontrolled population of iguanas can multiply and destroy the landscape of your home or the greenery that is surrounding your business. We also consult with you on how to maintain the trees that are on your property so as to prevent iguanas from climbing on them. Big trees near your property can give iguanas easy access to get on the roof of buildings. The iguanas will claw and search for crevices to take shelter, which can cause damage to the roof.
Some Iguanas can be stubborn and will take more effort to remove, especially if they have learned how to avoid humans. We have very effective traps that will successfully capture the iguanas intruding on your property, but this is usually a last-resort option as the majority of our services are preventative.
Property Protection
If your home or business is on a large piece of land, we offer your property total topography protection. This means our team of technicians will survey the area and protect your land with our products and monitoring methods. There can be numerous iguana nests on a piece of land that can go unnoticed for long periods of time that could be harboring a whole population of iguanas and this can harm the vegetation and landscape of your property. We treat large areas of land and remove the dozens of holes iguanas have created.
Application of Tools
All Iguana Control technicians are trained in the installation and application of our full-line of iguana control products. There are indicators that hint at the presence of iguanas and their homes, and our team knows how to pick up on these details.

Iguana Control Products

We have several iguana control products which are used to treat your property.
Iguanas are intrusive and can breed out of control. They can destroy the landscape of a property and can potentially transmit harmful diseases. At Iguana Control, we have countermeasures and products in place that will remove these bothersome pests from your
 residential or commercial property.
Tree Wrapping
Iguanas can make their nest in trees, but our tree wraps prevent iguanas from creating their nests in the first place. If they are already nesting in a tree, our on-site technicians will remove the iguanas and immediately install the tree wrap to prevent other iguanas from climbing up the same tree in the future, which will discourage iguanas from creating nests on trees.
Anti-Iguana Barrier
We install barriers that are designed to deter iguanas from entering your property. Whether your land is freestanding from other properties or connected to neighboring businesses or homes, our custom-installed barriers prevent iguanas from trespassing.
Anti-Hole Barrier
Holes dug in the ground are the work of iguanas that are in the heat of the breeding season. If left unchecked, holes can eventually turn into a network of tunnels and burrows that will enable iguanas to safely lay their eggs. We install barriers meant to cover these holes hidden by dirt and vegetation. Iguanas won’t be able to enter into the holes they dug.
Sea-Wall Barrier
Bodies of water such as canals and other waterways are some of the most popular places iguanas like to hang around. These unwanted guests can use channels of water to trespass onto properties and wreak havoc on the landscape. We place barriers that iguanas cannot climb near bodies of water to prevent them from crossing over onto homes and businesses.
Dock-Piling Wrap
For waterfront homes or properties near a body of water, we install dock piling wrap that will deter iguanas from climbing the pilings on your dock.
Iguana Control Landscaping
In order to survive and thrive, iguanas will use their immediate surroundings for nesting, laying eggs, and staying hidden if they feel threatened. That is why at Iguana Control, we provide a landscaping service that involves trimming trees, bushes, and other foliage that will discourage iguanas from staying on the property.
Iguana Tree Wrap

Iguana Tree Wrap

Iguana Barriers

Iguana Barrier

Anti Hole Barrier

Anti-Hole Barrier

Sea Wall Barrier

Sea Wall Barrier

Dock Piling Wrap

Dock Piling Wrap

Foilage Control

Foliage Control


Iguanas are an invasive species to Florida. Therefore, demand exists to remove these invaders from properties that are being affected by their intrusive behavior and breeding patterns. They are agile and can run fast in short bursts, have claws that enable them to climb trees with ease, and can breed in overwhelming numbers. They are originally from South and Central America, Mexico, and some islands in the Caribbean.

By their sheer numbers, iguanas can cause long-term damage to the landscape of residential and commercial properties. They are very often considered by property owners to be pests that need to be removed or relocated. Iguanas can also leave their feces in areas like docks, porches, decks, patio areas, and even inside swimming pools.

Can I remove iguanas from my property?
If you are willing to remove them on your own, you are more than welcome to as iguanas are not protected by the state of Florida except by anti-cruelty laws and can be killed humanely. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) encourages homeowners to remove iguanas from their properties. Anyone, in general, can also remove or kill iguanas without a license or permit under Executive Order 20-17. However, iguanas that are captured can’t be relocated or released to another location in Florida. If the removal of your iguana infestation from your property proves to be troublesome, you can call our team at Iguana Control and we will handle the iguanas for you.
How can I deter green iguanas from entering my property?
There are several preventative plans of actions you can take as a property owner to keep iguanas from invading your property and keep them from breeding in two ways:

You can modify the landscape around your home:

  • Removing vegetation that may act as a potential home for iguanas
  • Finding holes and fill them in to discourage their burrowing habits
What if I own a pet iguana that I can no longer care for?
It is important to recognize that owning an iguana as a pet in the state of Florida is against the law. Florida has banned the sale, ownership, and breeding of green iguanas on the grounds that they’re classified as an invasive species. Private ownership of “pet” iguanas can be remedied through the FWC’s Exotic Pet Amnesty Program for individuals who own iguanas and can no longer take care of them or no longer wish to keep them. Through this program, pet owners can surrender iguanas to the proper wildlife authorities without any penalties — regardless of whether they kept the iguanas legally or illegally.


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Technicians and
Iguana Experts

At Iguana Control, we have experienced managers and invasive species experts that know how to locate the source of iguana infestations and take a plan of action to remove them. Our clients have felt satisfied with the work we have provided them that led to improved property conditions.

Our Company Core Values

In order to provide property owners with the peace of mind they deserve, our team at Iguana Control advocates for the safe and humane removal of iguanas in South Florida. We share the same mission the FWC has in place for dealing with invasive species like iguanas. This includes protecting the environment and providing a safe place for residents and property owners.

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